Many people grind or clench their teeth at different times during the day or in sleep. Whether it is while working, driving or other activities, it happens all the time. Clenching and grinding teeth are two destructive activities beyond our control, ordered by our brain and conducted by our facial muscles. While unnecessary and tiring they are also destructive and more so when they happen during our sleep.
The majority of people do clench and or brux during sleep and most are not aware of it. The damaging effect of pressures applied to teeth during sleep is much greater than when we are awake. This is due to increased magnitude and duration of traumatic forces during sleep which go on for hours in sleep.
The damage can be seen through gradual wearing down of the top surface of the back teeth or on the thinning and breaking down of the cutting edge and or the inside of the front teeth as well as the breaking down of the teeth at the gum line due to compressing pressure applied on them. A sudden crack is also a possibility and more probable in people who do not wear a night guard on their teeth during sleep.

A custom made Guard made by your dentist is the only solution for preventing or stopping further damage caused by undue pressures on your teeth. Your guard will be very comfortable to use as we make it to fit your teeth and mouth perfectly. It could be worn at any time during the day or night.
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