From Dr. Nadimi’s patients (compiled from Internet reviews)

Yu B.
I have been seeing Dr. Nadimi for over 17 years and I feel so fortunate to have her as my dentist. When I first visited her, I had numerous teeth issues. Over the years, she has fixed all the issues with great patience and professionalism. Now I am very proud of the conditions of my teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Nadimi to anyone who is seeking a wonderful and professional dentist.

Meri S.
At the age of 74, my teeth are still healthy and strong thanks to Dr. Nadimi. She has been my dentist for more than two decades always caring and always going the extra mile with patience and graciousness characteristic of her. I am so happy she is my dentist and consider myself very lucky to be in her dental care.

Ed and Phyllis K.
We have relocated to Pennsylvania to be nearer to our grandchildren, and as a result we will no longer be available for appointments. Phyllis and I will greatly miss your highly professional dental care. We have not found a dentist in this area yet, and frankly one as good as you were may be impossible to find!

We both are so grateful for your services over the past few years. You are a credit to the dental profession and will be missed. Thanks again for all you have done.

Eric S.
I have been with Dr Nadimi for ten years. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and patient. She is also my top choice when I need second opinion on my kids’ dental issues. I feel lucky to have her take care of my teeth.

Judy N.
My family and I have been patients with Dr. Nadimi for over 20 years and have had great experiences with her. Dr. Nadimi is extremely friendly and kind- we feel like a family when we are with her, especially when she asks about the condition of our home country and shares caring words with us.

Thanks to her great skills, our teeth have always been in excellent condition and we could not be happier with her!
We always recommend her to our friends and family.

Marshall J.
I have been Dr. Nadimi’s patient for 25 years and she is unfailingly professional, competent and considerate. Dr. Nadimi explains treatment options clearly and then executes the agreed to treatment plan with superior skill and with a keen awareness for the patients feelings. Overall the quality of her work is outstanding.

I recently went to Dr. Nadimi’s office and I have never had a better experience at any other dentist! She was extremely knowledgeable, she explained step by step what she was doing and took her time to make me feel comfortable (I’m scared of dentists). Dr. Nadimi makes me look forward to paying her visit and that’s saying a lot for me. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. She’s easily the best dentist in the DC-VA metro area.

Kay Kaye
Have you ever gone to the dentist to relax? That’s how it is for me when I have an appointment with Dr. Nadimi. The atmosphere is so very pleasant – and there’s always the loveliest, relaxing music playing in the background. Aside from being fully knowledgeable in her field, which inspires trust no matter how simple or complicated the procedure, Dr Nadimi has an extremely gentle manner–a combination that makes the experience completely stress free. I am delighted to have her as my dentist and friend after all these years.

Mohammed M.
From my experience Dr. Nadimi is by far the best Dentist hands down, I would never think of seeing anyone else. Someone you can trust while knowing she will always have your best interest in mind.

Id give her 10 stars if that was an option.

Profile 33
I’ve been going to Dr Nadimi for 25 years, as have my parents and sister. We all think she is the best dentist we’ve ever been to. Her hand is so steady I sometimes have her work on me with no anesthetic, because I find it hurts less than the shot. She’s intelligent and very kind. I had to take my mother to her for an emergency on a Sunday. She met us at her office, did the work, then refused payment! We all consider her a dear friend.

Shari S.
Dr Nadimi has been helping me and my family for over 25 years. We are very satisfied with our treatments.Before each procedure, she takes time to carefully explain every detail involved in the procedure and what to expect after the treatment. She deeply cares about the dental health of her patients and always provides them with the best option/treatment in each case as well as suggestions for long-term care of their teeth. The office staff and dental assistant are also very friendly and kind.
We highly recommend Dr. Nadimi.

Ira C.
Dr. Nadimi is the most professional and caring health care practitioner I have ever had the pleasure of being helped by. She is clear spoken and intelligent and forthcoming with her professional assessments, and always makes certain that I understand the options ahead of me. I always feel that my well being is on the top of her priorities.

Nour H.
I’ve been a patient for 10 years. She is very professional and helpful at all times. She is clear and descriptive. The Botox treatment for TMJ was very promising and showed awesome results.

Tracey M.
I have been a patient of Dr. Nadimi for nearly ten years. I came to her for a second opinion after I went to another dentist who claimed I needed so much work that I found it hard to believe. I made an appointment with Dr. Nadimi for a second opinion and was so glad I did. None of the work that the other dentist was claiming I needed was necessary at all. I appreciated Dr. Nadimi’s integrity and I have happily been a patient of hers ever since. I would highly recommend her without reservation.

Amir R.
The staff is always so friendly and professional. And Dr. Nadimi is very personable, which makes going to the dentist actually enjoyable!She is a great dentist; I recommend her to everyone!

Bijan and Nassrin R.
Both my wife and I have been coming to Dr. Nadimi for a few years time and we are very satisfied with our treatments. She always manages to successfully treat all of our ailments and keep any problems from coming back. Dr. Nadimi is wonderful at identifying the exact cause of the issue and gives the best and most efficient treatment for it.

Sarvenaz A.
Dr. Nadimi is very considerate and kind which are both essential traits that make an excellent dentist. She always makes sure to thoroughly counsel you and give you options if special treatment is required. I’ve had healthy teeth all of my life but I have recently had to get a crown. She was incredibly meticulous and took time to make sure that it was done just right. Highly recommend her as your dentist!

Julie P.
I had a serious problem with my teeth bone. Before I went to see Dr. Nadimi, I had gone through couple dentists in the area who suggested me to have a surgery to replace my teeth bone. I felt very uncomfortable about those suggestions and looked online to find another dentist for different kinds of treatment. Last year, I fortunately found Dr. Nadimi. After carefully examining my teeth and listening to my story, she said she will try a different way to treat my teeth bone that I don’t have to go through a surgery. After a few months of her first treatment, my teeth bone gradually improved. Some of the serious areas became much better. I trust Dr. Nadimi’s treatment so I still go to see her to complete the process. I would definitely recommend her to whoever is looking for a dedicate, trustworthy and knowledgeable dentist.

Kathy P.
I have been Dr. Nadimi’s patient for almost 16 years and I have been more than satisfied every time I have visited her. She is very knowledgeable and caring. I always feel like I am in good hands when I am under her care. She has a very light touch while she works and I never have any pain or problem after my appointments. She is very fair and never does any unnecessary procedures and always tries her hardest to do whatever benefits her patients the most. if you go to Dr Nadimi, you will never go to another dentist ! I highly recommend Dr. Nadimi!

Phillip S.
Dr. Nadimi is by far the best dentist I have visited. She is committed to the quality of her work and ensures that your experience at her clinic is second to none. I went to her with a tooth ache not knowing the severity of the situation and naturally a bit anxious, but Dr. Nadimi clearly explained every step of the procedure before she proceeded and ensured I was comfortable during the entirety of the operation. If you are looking for a friendly, diligent, and professional dentist then I highly recommend Dr. Nadimi.

Elizabeth C.
Dr. Nadimi is a gem among dentists — and we have been to quite a few. We’ve been going to Dr. Nadimi for over 20 years now, and even after a move we drive from another state to come see her. She is the most professional, honest, caring, and skilled dentist by far we’ve ever been to.

About 8 years ago on vacation in Virginia Beach my husband had a sporting accident that resulted in a blow to his three front teeth. He went to a highly recommended local dentist who wanted to immediately (the next day!) do three root canals and three caps. Instead my husband came back to the D.C. area and went in to Dr. Nadimi. She took X-rays, waited, watched, took a few more X-rays over the next year or so, and then finally declared his teeth to be just fine. We spent a few hundred dollars instead of many thousands, and saved those three teeth.

I, on the other hand, have required quite a few caps and a couple of root canals because of broken teeth. On one occasion, Dr. Nadimi met me at her office on a Sunday to do a root canal because I was in pain. I can tend to be nervous during difficult dental work, and Dr. Nadimi has always done an amazing job of putting me at ease. She works with patience and skill, and always answers every question with compassion. Then, when it comes to adjusting the bite, she is a patient artist, making sure my teeth are meeting correctly before I leave the office.

Very highly recommended!

William J.
I have been fortunate to have Dr. Nadimi as my dentist for almost 10 years. She is the consummate professional, a caring healthcare provider and a truly beautiful person. Having served at two Navy Regional Dental Centers, I can unequivocally state that Dr. Nadimi embodies those qualities found in dental professionals of the highest caliber.

Assal M.
Dr. Lily Nadimi is one of a kind. She is compassionate, educating and does excellent work. She thoroughly examines you and goes over your dental history and involves you in the treatment planning process giving her best recommendations. She is extremely conservative in her work unlike other dentists who seem to be in a rush; she takes her time to deliver above the standard of care to her patients. I had a few fillings treated by her and never had any problems following her treatment. I am so happy I have her as my dentist. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new dentist. Thank you so much Dr. Nadimi!

Leila P.
Dr. Nadimi is a great dentist that really cares about her patients. She doesn’t hesitate to go out of her way for them. She is very thorough and attentive. Her office is also clean, and the atmosphere is friendly.

Randa B.
I have known Dr. Lily Nadimi for ten years, and my family and I have been extremely satisfied with her. She’s an excellent doctor, who will provide you with an amazing service every time.

Rasheed A.
She is a professional family dentist and very accurate. She doesn’t work for gaining the money however she mainly works for gaining her patients’ satisfaction.

Elie N.
Dr. Nadimi is one of the very top dentist, She is very knowledgeable ,She has been taking care of my teeth for over twenty years. never had problem because she is very professional and skilled .
I am very happy having her my dentist.
if you care about your teeth, Go to Dr. Nadimi.

Maryam M.
I am a difficult patient. generally I don’t like to go to any dentist but I should admit that Dr. Lily Nadimi was great. She did such a great job. I felt so comfortable for the first time in my whole life with a dentist!!!. She has such a soft touch and she treats you like a queen. and to be honest with you she is so professional. I will highly recommend her to anyone. she is so concern about everything. starting from xray to the whole procedure. I got so lucky to find her.

Eric G.
I was new to Virginia and had a massive tooth ache. So I googled dentist in the area and came across Dr. Nadimi. I called and setup an appointment and I was seen by Dr.Nadimi who immediately took care of the issue with my tooth which was causing the pain. Her bedside manner is phenomenal and her attention to detail is superb. She is extremely knowledgeable and from here on out I have found my dentist. Thank you Dr. Nadimi.

Monir S.
Dr. Nadimi is best dentist. I go to her many years. I trust her and she did very good treatment for me all the time for many many years. I travel now from other state to see her one to two times in a year. I do not trust another dentist. She is also very kind and spend time with me in room and I know if she says something to me that it is something i need not to make money. Many times I thought to go to a dentist in my town but i get scared every time like what happened to me before her. I am lucky to have her. I wished all doctors were like her. I love her. God bless her.

Shirin S.
Dr. Lily Nadimi is a top dentist. She is a knowledgable, experienced, skillful, caring, and compassionate dentist who loves what she does. She has been my dentist for overt 20 years and, even though I am currently not in her town, I gladly travel to be treated by her. Before I became her patient, I suffered at the hands of too many dentists who were in this profession for the wrong reasons. She, on the other hand, makes dental work as stress-free as possible, gives you the best advice, and keeps your teeth healthy and beautiful for the longest possible time.
Once you experience her high quality dental work, you are hooked!

Sheragim Y.
very very nice and friendly and expert , i love it I have been a patient of Dr. Nadimi for about 15 years and the experience has always been professional.Dr. Nadimi is an excellent dentist.

Bahram M.
Dr. Nadimi is an excellent dentist. I have been a patient of Dr. Nadimi for the past 10 years. During this period, I have had several dental procedures, such as root canals, crowns, and fillings. Thanks to Dr. Nadimi’s exceptional skills every procedure was completed perfectly. I have rarely seen a dentist so dedicated and thorough. Before each procedure, she takes time to carefully explain every detail involved in the procedure and what to expect after the treatment. She deeply cares about the dental health of her patients and always provides them with the best option/treatment in each case as well as suggestions for long-term care of their teeth. Her office staff and dental assistant are also very friendly and kind. I highly recommend Dr. Nadimi.

I was referred to Dr. Lily Nadimi through a good friend. I always dreaded going to the dentist because of the pain and the expense. But after meeting Lily for a few minutes I knew I was in the hands of someone I could trust and someone that would make the experience as painless as possible.

She specializes in General dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, the thing that made her great is that she has a passion for both and is very good at explaining what needs to be done. In the end the patient is the one that decides what needs to be done but Lily always preached taking the most conservative approach which shows that she is more worried about the patient’s longterm dental health rather than wallet.

I would recommend Dr Nadimi to anyone !

5 stars!

Mohamed H.
I have been at Dr. Nadimi office since 1994 and I have added all my family members as well. She is an excellent family dentist and very professional.

Ahmad M.
I was referred to Dr. Lily Nadimi by my dad, and admittedly I was skeptical at first. This is not to say that I don’t trust my dad’s choices in doctors, I’m just very picky, especially after several disappointing finds. Now, after having been under the care of Dr. Nadimi….words cannot describe her greatness. Not only is she an incredibly gifted dentist, she is also an incredible person. She is always warm, welcoming, graceful, kind, personable from the very first appointment. Dr. Nadimi is diligent in her work, and is excellent at keeping you, the patient, informed in all related matters, such as oral hygiene, insurance matters, etc. I feel like I know more about my teeth leaving her office each time. She treats each tooth and the mouth as a whole like she treats her patients, with care and with great personal detail. Every time I’m in the office, she makes me feel as if I’m her only patient, never rushed, never makes me feel like I’m troubling her. I love everything about Dr. Lily and her practice and everyone on her team. I always feel like I’m in the best of hands! Looking forward to my 6 months!!!

Tim R.
Dr. Lily Nadimi and her staff provide excellent dental services in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner. Dr. Nadimi has been my dentist since 2006, when I first saw her after years of dental neglect, and my teeth were a mess. She quickly restored my dental health with a series of reasonably priced fillings and root canals and has since maintained my teeth with biannual cleanings/check-ups. I heartily recommend Dr. Nadimi to anyone seeking a good dentist.

A Google User
The fact that I have a very bad toothache right now reminds me that I have been meaning to write this review for awhile – the thing is it’s painful but I have no concerns because I know I have the best dentist out there that I could possibly go to. Dr. Nadimi cares for all of her patients so well, remembers small details about their lives, is very gentle and does a superb job every single time. I have nothing negative to say. Last year I had a similar situation where I had a horrible toothache (even worse than now) that started over a weekend. Since the office was closed I called the emergency number – she picked up not sounding bothered at all, and explained what it could possibly be…then prescribed me a strong enough pain killer and scheduled me for the next day. Took care of it fast. I have sent colleagues to her and they have all been very happy. Very clean office and friendly staff as well.

A Google User
Dr. Nadimi has been my dentist for more than twenty years, I just find no reason to switch dentists. I drive to see her from Ashburn, but I know the value of the treatment she provides …

She doesn’t push procedures on her patients and always focuses on improving my overall smile and oral health.

Her office is in Tysons but not cramped or hurried.

I would (and have) recommended Dr. Nadimi to many family members and friends over the years … and she deserves it!! She is friendly and lively …

great dentist!